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Retreat to the parlour with Maxwell and Jennifer! There, be enthralled by strange and fantastic tales of spooky phenomena, eccentric history, and weird science. Drawn from their curated collection and choice listener submissions, your Ambassadors of Odd craft an enchanting, weekly podcast experience to delight the mind and stir the senses. They’ve been expecting you. Have a seat by the fire. Welcome to Odd Tonic.

Jun 10, 2019

Jennifer and Maxwell explore the perplexing powers of consciousness as they tap into Russell Targ's "The Realities of ESP." Prepare yourself for the compelling, declassified evidence of 23 years of government-backed psychic experiments with startling outcomes. Lasers included!



The Realities of ESP, by Russell Targ, PhD



Ingo Swann's remote viewing drawing of the NSA cryptographic site at the Navy's Sugar Grove Facility: 



Sugar Grove Facility:

Pat Price's gantry crane drawing (right) and comparison (left):


Ingo Swann's drawing of Kerguelen Island comparison:

Pat Price's drawings of Rinconada Park:

Rinconada Park's old water towers:


Ingo Swann's drawing of Jupiter's rings:

Images sourced from "The Realities of ESP," by Russell Targ, PhD.

Russell Targ's (cancelled) TEDxTalk:


Russell Targ's ESP Trainer iTunes App:

(Note: Again, Russell's ESP Trainer app is not available on Android. Don't be confused by the shady knock-off app with the same icon.)


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