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Retreat to the parlour with Maxwell and Jennifer! There, be enthralled by strange and fantastic tales of spooky phenomena, eccentric history, and weird science. Drawn from their curated collection and choice listener submissions, your Ambassadors of Odd craft an enchanting, weekly podcast experience to delight the mind and stir the senses. They’ve been expecting you. Have a seat by the fire. Welcome to Odd Tonic.

Mar 25, 2019

This episode is cursed!

Not really. But the subject matter is. Visit Jennifer and Maxwell in the parlour as they weave various tales of cursed objects in the candlelight. Ominous runestones, vengeful paintings, sinister jewelry, and more await you! Keep the salt and sage handy. 


Obviously Cursed Items


Story Images

A Crying Boy Painting by Giovanni Bragolin

Mar 18, 2019

America's First Documented Spirit Possession!

Join Jennifer and Maxwell as they explore the strange and haunting tale of two Watseka, IL girls from the mid-1800s, both with mysterious, paranormal afflictions. Although they never met, their lives are forever entwined! 

Unearthly Tea Time and the Watseka Wonder


Mar 11, 2019

Spooky Stories From Our Guests!

Jennifer and Maxwell narrate real-life tales of the unexplained and the supernatural, sent in by our dear listeners! Grab a cup of tea and be thrilled by inexplicable, ghostly, and chilling stories that will leave you with goosebumps!

Haunted Underwear and the Angel of Death


A big...

Mar 4, 2019

Odd Tonic's Premiere Episode!

Join Maxwell and Jennifer as they explore the bizarre and astonishing lives of some of the world's most noted eccentrics, including the man who proclaimed himself Emperor of the United States! Celebrate all that is quirky and unique, and hear the call to rally your weird!


Bear Wrestling,...